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Learn how Stock Assault 2.0 gives you dead-on stock picks to earn you thousands of dollars per month using an advanced artificial intelligence engine.

Introducing Stock Assault 2.0
100% Automated Artificial Intelligence Stock Picking Software

Produces returns in excess of +1,300% annually!

Learn how Stock Assault 2.0 gives you dead-on stock picks to earn you thousands of dollars per month using an advanced artificial intelligence engine.


Simply let the software run in the background processing every stock symbol, pricing and historical charts using advanced artificial intelligence that an elite team of 25 day traders developed. This state-of-the-art software took 5 years and $3,000,000 to develop. After about a week, Stock Assault 2.0 will give you a stock pick. Then purchase that stock using your preferred broker and sell when the software tells you too. The software will continually monitor the pick it has chosen to find you the best exit which could be later that day or in a few days. That’s it! Take out your profit, usually 5% to 50% then reinvest your capital in the next stock pick.

Revolutionary Trading Software Guaranteed To Generate Profitable Winning Trades On Autopilot In Only An Hour A Day Using State-Of-The-Art Artificial Intelligence.

As you know, artificial intelligence is the revolutionary technology that makes your computer think like a human brain. Older software used statistics and set models for the processing, Stock Assault 2.0 is literally like having 1,000 stock analysts and day traders sitting inside your computer working for you! The 25 expert day traders designed the artificial intelligence engine to think just like all of them, COMBINED. With the power of today’s computers, they (the artificial “brains”) think 40 times quicker giving you the equivalent of 1,000 expert day traders living inside your computer with all of the benefits and none of the costs.

We don’t believe in e-books, we believe in revolutionary technology that took years to develop and will reward you for years to come.Yes, we said it, literally work from home! We’re not lying. Are you tired of all the other work at home programs that sell you an “e-book” and then expect you to make “$10,000 per day working in your pajamas”? Yeah, it’s absurd. If that was possible everyone would be doing it, from your grandma to the homeless guy down the street. Why don’t they? Because you can’t, you just lose what you paid for the book and start all over. The only person that makes money is the seller. And what is an e-book anyway? Are they too cheap to print a real book or do they just know you’re going to fall for their game anyway so they don’t even bother. Even if any of these were slightly successful you would be dealing with customers that can never be satisfied, companies that can take away your money at any time and many other disappointments that will make you quit the first day. Down with PayPerClick, Dropshipping, Jerks, Rebate Processing, Newsletters, Writing Ads, and _____________ (you fill in that one)!

A real home business. Finally a real way to work from home.If you’re looking for a real home business, you have actually found it. With Stock Assault 2.0, you just listen to the software and do exactly what it says, everyday. Depending on how much capital you have (you do need to purchase the stocks when you get a pick so you can sell it later, which is when you can take your profit; we recommend $50-100 to begin with), a 1,300% annual return rate turns $500 into $6,500, $1,000 into $13,000 and $5,000 into $65,000 while taking out your profits on each trade! Why is this the best work at home business EVER? You never have to deal with employees, products, customers, websites, other companies, absolutely nothing. All you need is an online brokerage account where you enter the stock symbol and push buy, then you just push sell when the software tells you too! It doesn’t matter where you live, what country you’re in, what language you speak or if you even know anything about the stock market. The software tells you exactly what to do and when to do it.

TWhy the stock market?he stock market moves billions of dollars back and forth every day. You just need the expertise to know how to get into the middle of all this. Most people have dreamed of becoming part of the stock market but the truth is almost no one knows that they are doing. Yeah, you can jump in and invest in companies like Apple, News Corp., Starbucks, Intel, Microsoft, etc. But we’ll guarantee that you’ll barely make any money after a year or that you might even lose money. Just letting those companies use your money for a year and not making anything doesn’t seem very fun. The way to make money in the stock market is by predicting a large jump in share price and investing right before and selling right after. This is called volatility and usually lasts for a few hours to a few days. Real day traders and professional traders do just that, hence the name “day” traders. Huge companies like Citi Group and JP Morgan Chase do this every single day and employ thousands of professionals that do it for them.

Let’s talk about volatility. We love volatility and you will too. The reason being is that if the price is volatile, it means that the price is rapidly moving. Without movement, we would be back to square one, sitting on a stock for a year with no change. Most of the stocks that Stock Assault 2.0 will pick will probably be of companies that you have never heard of. It doesn’t matter who the company is, the point is to predict a pattern, find an entry point and then exit taking a profit. This is exactly what Stock Assault has done with every pick it has chosen since the first beta was developed. Sure there will be picks that don’t increase very much, maybe only a few percentage points. But those are rare and you will usually see gains of 5% to 50%.


The banks use the same type of software!So how can software be better than real professional stock traders? It makes no mistakes. It clearly finds a pattern out of all the chaos and gives it to – YOU. In fact, a lot of brokerages these days rely on the same exact software. Their brokers simply enter the trades, just like you will be doing. These companies have thousands of servers running the server finding hundreds of picks per day. Obviously, we have scaled this down to give you a pick every few days so you can keep up.


Do you have to know anything about the stock market? Absolutely not. You just have to know what a ticker symbol is. Example: Apple goes by AAPL and Intel goes by INTC. The software will give you both the ticker and company name. Once your copy of Stock Assault 2.0 picks a stock, you can also research the stock using the built-in features such as charting if you wish. Then you copy the stock symbol, paste it into your online brokerage account and click buy. The software will then tell you when to sell.


FOREX can wipe you out in a few seconds.Is this like investing in penny stocks or FOREX? Absolutely not. First of all, with FOREX, many international brokerages are not well regulated. Second, FOREX is TOO volatile and many experts feel that the trading basically levels out the price to insure currencies don’t lose value, they simply go up and down averaging out. Third, almost every brokerage uses something called a market maker architecture (also called an order desk) which basically means that when you sell a currency, you are actually selling it to the broker, same thing when you buy. This takes away almost all of the liquidity and makes you compete with your own broker. When news breaks that affects FOREX, the currencies change prices violently with no predictability. If you have a gain, it could be taken away from you in a few seconds with no time to react. The currency market is exactly that, a currency market. When a foreign country needs more dollars, the buy huge lots increasing or decreasing the price of the dollar and their local currency. You never know when this happens and it could wipe you out instantly.


Penny stocks are a guaranteed way to lose your investment. Any information you see online, no matter how credible, is a way for them to make money and for you to give it to them. Simply put, any of these groups that pretend to choose a penny stock that will increase, is telling the truth; we’ll explain. What happens is that all of the people that see this “underground” information (which is really advertised as far and wide as possible) buy the stock driving up the cost. The person that told you about this stock has already purchased quite a large lot before hand. Now when all these people that think they are buying into a gold mine penny stock are actually making the price spike up due to the volume, then the person that told you about the stock sells his large lot and the price plummets. No one else that bought the stock makes money including you. We hate the fact that these people actually sell this “exclusive information” so you’re out double.

Why Stock Assault 2.0?

  • Advanced artificial intelligence will make you swear you had insider information.
  • Works worldwide, all you need is any brokerage account.
  • You don’t have to know anything about investing, the software tells you exactly what to do.
  • Fool-proof programming adapts to any market condition giving you the edge no matter what.
  • Invest in the stock market like the pros and banks do right from home.
  • All you need is $50-100 to invest in the first stock pick then use your profits for the next pick.
  • What we give you is professional Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software. Artificial intelligence works almost like a human brain. Think: a brain put into a jar and customized just to process stock charts all day to make you money. Since this software actually thinks, each computer will produce different results. You can have two computers running side by side and each copy of Stock Assault 2.0 will give you a different pick and both picks will be dead on. This is both amazing and deliberate. If every person using Stock Assault 2.0 got the same picks, they will start to affect each other, almost like the penny stock example above. However, this would still be rare even if Stock Assault 2.0 did behave like that. The stock market is just too large with billion dollar companies, the only effect might be a few cents. But with penny stocks, that is exactly what happens, hence the name “penny” stocks.

    Unlimited 100% guaranteed automated profits. Imagine what a 1,300% annual return rate can do: $500 turns into $6,500, $1,000 turns into $13,000 and $5,000 turns into $65,000 while taking out your profits on each trade!

    Download the Stock Assault 2.0 demo at . This demo is identical to our full version except that it will not display stock picks. All other software functions work identically including the artificial intelligence processing. We welcome you to use the included functions such as live news, stock charts and quotes and headlines for as long as you wish. When you are ready to upgrade to the full version of Stock Assault 2.0 (which will be right after you see what Stock Assault 2.0 is all about), the software easily upgrade right from the software to a fully workable version.

    Stock Assault 2.0 Feedback and Reviews

    I never thought I’d be investing in the stock market. Now, Stock Assault and are my best friends! Like anyone else I know, I’ve always wanted to get into the stock market and always thought I’d know what to invest in. But I also knew that I wouldn’t do well at all by myself, that’s why I never did it. Now that I have Stock Assault, I usually invest $300 per stock pick and make $50 – $100. In a couple of days, I do it all over again. I’m just starting to increase my investment to $1000 per pick and my returns tripled! I just can’t describe the anticipation of waiting for the next stock pick and when I see it, well, it’s probably like winning the lottery! I probably net around $5,000 per month, enough to pay my bills and more. Plus I’ll probably quit my job soon. – James Byers (Leesville, LA, USA)

    I’ve been using Stock Assault 2.0 for over a year now in what has been arguably one of the crummiest markets since the 70’s. I have realized gains totaling over $80,000. Sure there have been a few stocks that didn’t rise very much, but you cannot argue with the overall results. Try the software, use it consistently you will generate gains. Then find a good tax accountant. – Harvey K. Shaver (Paris, TN, USA)

    Thank you for the great picks. Have traded for fifty years. Have tried many advisors. But, your 37 straight winning selections is the best that I have ever heard of or experienced on my own. In fact, I keep telling my wife that it’s too good to believe and that it just can’t last… In fact, I have a good stock broker friend who called recently to talk stocks. I felt so guilty not telling him about you… Again I say thank you, thank you. – Keith R. Mata (Bend, OR, USA)

    This is the best service I’ve ever used. It suits my personality and my investing strategies, that being I have never invested before and needed someone to hold my hand. Your software does exactly that, it holds both of my hands and I can’t ask for anything more. Thank you for your help. – Tony Leclair (Irvine, CA, USA)

    I went through my records, and found that since early last November, I made 27 trades and I show three losses. Actually I believe those three were my fault for missing a few days at the computer. With sincere enthusiasm, I urge anyone to use this software. As far as I can see, you can’t miss. – Andrew Hyde (Duck Creek NSW, Australia)

    I have been using your software for the last six weeks, and have made money in every single trade. The picks are precise, timely and accurate. Keep up the great work. – Ambrosino Trevisani (Cogno BS, Italy)

    I’m extremely happy with the service [Stock Assault 2.0]. Believe me, I’ve tried many other services over the years. In my opinion no others come close. STEADY, CONSISTENT PROFIT, WHAT A CONCEPT!!! – Donald Burkin (Artrochie, UK)

    I have been trading stocks for about 6 years and been a member of a number of recommendation and advisory services. Never have I been so impressed with the picks, profits and service as I have been since getting Stock Assault 2.0! You have a customer for life and I sincerely thank you for providing such a valuable product. – Raymond M. Hall (Priddy, UK)

    This is my first month with your software, all I can say is your the BEST, please don’t let this get to you however lol. I am truly enjoying your picks! I look forward to our future! – Niclas Lindstram (Brunna, Sweden)

    16 winning trades in a row!!! Your software and the picks it produces are beyond great. Customer for life. – Argentino Pedroza (Burgos, Spain)


    I love your program and will continue with it as long as it is available. I am making money and as I build up my account I will be making larger trades and benefiting even more from your service. Thats my story and I am sticking to it. Thank you so much for all your help. – Jens Muench (Koblenz Arzheim, Germany)


    I love your program and will continue with it as long as it is available. I am making money and as I build up my account I will be making larger trades and benefiting even more from your service. Thats my story and I am sticking to it. Thank you so much for all your help. – Long Ts’ao (Huangshan, China)

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    Stock Trading Software

    Stock Trading Software

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